About us

Small but often recurring calculation problems are tedious, error-prone and in sum very time-consuming. Thus in most cases it is a good idea to develop a software solution. According to motto a team of engineers came together with the aim to develop solutions.

Our aim

The wheel does not have to be reinvented. The most important machine elements are already standardized, the calculation is standardized. Our aim is the development of online calculators for the most common machine elements based on existing standards or manufacturing specifications.

The track

Rome was also not built in one day. Smaller units are first developed and tested. If these are sufficiently tested, they are assembled into larger units.

When designing online calculators, special emphasis is put on simple and intuitive usability. Only by this complex inputs are quickly possible, only then the online computers provide a valuable contribution to the rapid dimensioning of machine elements.

What can we do for you

First of all: All calculators on this site can be used free of charge. You are welcome to use all calculators on this site!