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Welcome to onlineflow - the worlds easiest online calculator for gas flows! No more problems with unit converting between MMSCFD, SCFM, Nm3/h, kg/h and many more. No matter what gas composition or standard conditions, this calculator can deal with it. Just go through the formular at 'Calc' and press the calculate-Button. It's worth a try!

Gas flows, given as input or output quantities, are used in many industries. According to this there is high demand to coordinate this flows with customers or suppliers. As a result of historical processes in different industries and regions a lot of units arised which now complicate the exchange of information. For example the unit Nm3/h according DIN is often used in the european compressed air industry while the american oil- and gas industry prefers units like MMSCFD or SCFM according IUPAC, to mention just a few.

The new online calculator has a database of over 30 elements and is best suited for oil and gas demands. You can define your own mixture composition or select a predefined one like 'Air' or 'Natural Gas'. If you need more than one element you can just add elements by clicking the elements box in the mixture field. It is possible to add up to seven elements. For further explanations or help please watch the info field of the online calculator or have a look at 'help' category.

Anyway : If you do like this calculator or not, in any case we are looking forward to get your feedback. If you want to send us an email, your support is greatly appreciated!

...and here is the online calculator!